Is an innovative company that aims at a sustainable world, dedicated to bring great gains to customers and partners through a wide range of products with high benefit obtained from the biomass and its residues. We work through the processes of biorefinery, always with purpose to offer effectiveness and efficiency in the offered services. Our portfolio includes consultancy services, project preparation, events and technical training.


The Biorefinery Sustainable Solutions is focused on providing services and consultancies, with the mission of meeting needs and adding value to the biomass in a sustainable way. In addition, we will ensure our customers’ and partners’ satisfaction with the development of creative, planned and structured solutions.


To be a global reference in Biorefinery Solutions, ​​providing services and consultancies, meeting our client's needs of training, information and sustainable solutions for biomass and its residues.


Biorefinery Sustainable Solutions is a company that prioritizes the society’s and the environment’s sustainable development, through ethical and professional conduct with its partners, customers, and employees. Our main values are:

Transparency - Being suitable and transparent in the relationship with customers, partners, and employees.

​Competence - Being able to design and execute sustainable and appropriate solutions for our clients and partners.

​Respect - Treat people and the environment with respect and honesty.

​Commitment - Maintain commitment to the company’s work, mission, vision, and values.